Tuesday, December 3, 2013

By Invitation Only...Cocktail time!

It hard to believe, this will be our last "By invitation Only" group post of the year....
A toast to you Marsha, our inspiration behind our fun, caring, creative group.
"Bienvenue" to our cyber cocktail party.

In lieu of hosting a cocktail party in my home in Connecticut, I decided on a different venue...my Interieurs Atelier, my second home, a place of work and  inspiration where clients and friends meet.
Invitations are out..... the Showroom transformed into an intimate space with soft lights and candles glittering, champagne chilled, my favorite cocktail will be prepared and served by our faithful bartenders, canapés warming, music selected.

Most importantly, what should I wear? My dress will dictate the tone and mood of the environment . It has been a rather tasking year, so let's celebrate in style! Thankfully, I am very decisive and picked my dress in a flash...how can one go wrong with Chanel?

Red will set the tone.


Red roses

Center piece

I collect venetian glasses, love their jewel tones, unfortunately so fragile... 

My favorite cocktail

Vodka, passion fruit, fresh squeezed lime juice, sugar syrup and Champaign
Shake softly in a shaker all ingredients (except the champaign)
Serve in a flute and add champagne. Stir from top to bottom

A heart for every guest

Happy Holidays!
A bientôt,



  1. Sophisticated and stunning Francine...I can't wait to join you :) xx

  2. Francine, This is so beautiful, especially the red heart gift, that is such a wonderful idea.
    I agree, you cannot go wrong in Chanel, or red, both you and I have similar ideas for this Christmas.
    Sending the warmest wishes for Christmas, xxxx Coty

  3. Lovely, Francine! Really lovely!
    Beautiful images, the RED is just perfect....delicious food....and...
    I'll join you in my thoughts with a glass of Passion Royale, CHEERS!
    Happy Holidays and greetings from the Périgord,

  4. Absolutely beautiful, so stylish! I adore Keira Knightley, she is gorgeous.

    Nice visiting you :)

  5. Having just sipped with Heather in Provence and now having taken a spin through your party I am in the holiday spirit (perhaps 'spirits' is a better way of describing it)! Beautiful post.

  6. I know this will be a stunning party, Francine. I love everything red, this beautiful deep red. Having it at your shop is even better as you can really transform the entire space. Beautifully conceived. But don't pass out too many of the Venefian goblets, those need to be at home, locked up. Thank you for participating with us, such a fun theme this month. Much love and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  7. À bientôt to you too! Lovely party, thank you for having me:).

  8. Your dress is gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Much love to you.

  9. Francine, if memory serves tonight is your party for Jose Esteves new work...? Well, I hope that some of this beauty is also there too and that the evening is delightful. I wish I could be there. I just clicked on my own Esteves lamp right now (and I am very proud of it too).

    No surprise that all of what you chose is stunning, of course. All of it is lush and yet comforting. Perfect. Although I would have to pass on that particular Chanel for something...sturdier! ;) Especially with such delicious treats around...

    I especially love the idea of giving out a heart. Wonderful.
    Wishing you a very Happy Holidays,

  10. Hi Francine! OMW those flowers are stunning as is the food!!!

    Have a happy festive December!



  11. Count me in... :)
    A wonderful party, Francine... xv

  12. Oooo Francine ….. your Cocktail Party is definitely the one to go to and be seen at and, to hold it in your showroom is genius.
    Your dress is absolutely beautiful although, nothing could top mine could it ? haha
    You have made me desperate for canapes and macarons !!
    ….. and, your cocktail looks delicious. My favourite cocktail of the moment is a Rose Petal Martini ….. they are so delicious you have to have five !!!! XXXX

  13. I haven't come across that Passion Royale cocktail before…but it sounds divine. Red is certainly the colour of the season, isn't it? So very festive.

    Your gathering sounds elegant and gorgeous. Wishing you an elegant and gorgeous Christmas too, Virginia

  14. You can certainly never go wrong with Chanel... or red!

    Beautiful, gracious, elegant choices. And I love the red heart ornament for each guest.

    Delighted to visit here, courtesy of Marsha.

    Happy holidays!

  15. Dear Francine, I would be honored to attend your party and the cocktail is one I will be making this season as well!

    The Arts by Karena


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