Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas... Noel

All these years, the spirit of Christmas always lifted my moods, no matter what could be happening in my life. I feel that this year, I am going through the motions but factors outside of my control are a heavy damper on my Christmas spirit. I just need to remember the profound true meaning of Christmas and try to find solace and peace. I am not one to disguise behind a business face, I will continue to put all my energy into my family, my work, my friends... but I am afraid....what happens when the energy runs out? Do I get stuck on the mountain ? ....do I rest and gather my inner forces?. The single moment in my life that required the most will power, was the last hour reaching the top of Kilimanjaro, when my head felt about to explode, with nausea from mountain sickness... I kept going, forced myself to look to the top, breath in, breath out... These times are very challenging and humbling, I need to learn acceptance and perhaps defeat.

Meanwhile, I will keep going, breath in...breath out...

At night, when all is quiet, I lay on my daybed, take in the silence, the scent of the tree, the fluttering lights and think of Christmas pasts.

Presents are wrapped, large or small... I love giving presents and it is my small way to say thank you... I care... to  everyone who works with me at Interieurs or at home, my friends, my family ... a couple of years past, my mother who lives in France, was very ill. I sent her a Christmas tree with boxes upon boxes of ornaments and she did the most wonderful thing ... on her visit to the hospital right before Christmas, she arrived ladden with the boxes filled with the beautiful ornaments and garlands and gave them to the nurses to decorate the halls of the wing where she spent so many days. This is the true spirit of Christmas, giving, sharing , bringing a little smile in some stranger's life who needs it more than you do.

Table set...

Promise of brighter days to come

A Bientôt,



  1. A beautifully written post, with a particularly important ending: brighter days will come! And until they do, enjoy the moment - these moments go too quickly. . .

  2. How beautiful your tree and table look! Wishing you Joyeux Noel and may you find the leisure to enjoy the peace and spirit of Christmas.
    So many thanks for your really beautiful blog and for your visits and kind words on mine.
    Karen xx

  3. Francine the tree looks stunning as does your table setting for Christmas. I loved reading about your Mum giving the decorations and is gestures such as these that make Christmas. Ours was a French one complete with prospective Belle Mere and she enjoyed the "English stuffing". Think that French Boyfriend will find Christmas in New Zealand a bit different to a country one in SW France :-)

    Joyeuses fetes à toi,

    Leeann x

  4. Dearest Francine. Thinking of you so very much! Your tree, packages and table are gorgeous!

    May your Holidays be filled with Love and Warmth during This Wondrous Season!

    Love and Hugs,
    Art by Karena

  5. Oh Dear, you are so strong. Allways think what you have created till now, think about your trek to the Kili and much more and be proud of you. Start where you ar, use what you have and do what you can. In this sense....a healthy, happy and successful 2013!

  6. I'm sending you an email 'cause I just have so much to say. For now know that I do absolutely love you!

  7. Dear Francine,
    Your Christmas looked perfect and I hope that you and your family and friends had a wonderful time....... and, thank you for anoher year of blogging friendship. Much love. XXXX

  8. Francine-
    As always, your post is perfection, the table, the tree, the thoughts.
    I am thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful holiday and happy new year.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope your holiday was amazing! Please come back and lets follow each other!

  10. Happy New Year Francine... Thinking of you and hoping that you are starting to breathe a little lighter... xv

  11. wishing you and family the very best of everything, That table setting blew me away, what is it Imari? This was a beautifully written post.

  12. Wow - you were definitely organized! Love the table setting...so gorgeous. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Your gifts were wrapped beautifully - loved it (I'd have hated to rip any of them open though!)

    Cheers for the New Year


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