Monday, November 28, 2011

Thank you House Beautiful and Interior Design

The support of the press is a critical element of the design world. As a designer, having our work published is a mean to reach out, share our design point of view and establish our reputation. As a product designer and showroom owner, having our products endorsed by the press is  extremely important and beneficial . I really enjoy my relationship with editors as one can share ideas, trends, exchanges thoughts and point of views. Editors are exposed to such a vast array or products and  to so many designers, that they really are the pulse of our industry.

If you have a moment, do check out my website Interieurs, you will have an overview of my collaboration with the press and their support.

I will just share the last month worth of press and really want to express my gratitude to House Beautiful and Interior Design magazine. Let me know what you think...

We sold out of our chinese urns (center)

Interior Design magazine is the most influential magazine in the design industry. I feel so fortunate to have established such a great relationship with the magazine and they very often include our products in their editorial. I am thrilled to have 3 placements in this current issue.

The white Pouenat free form table is currently in the showroom. i love to mix it with modern sofa and rough industrial accent pieces

The egg pendant by jose Esteves is one of our very popular light and can be totally customized.

I just love the Unopiu Collection and particularly the white lace bench/sofa surround as featured above.

A Bientot,


  1. How very awesome and such great exposure for you! You have some very cool pieces! xo

  2. Congratulations. Can't do any better.
    the daybed and surround are fantastic.
    Best wishes to you Francine....

  3. Ahhh, Francine, the white lace bench vignette is my idea of YOU. I've always known you were hugely important, so it's nice to see the editors of these wonderful publications think so too. Big props, my friend...

  4. Wow! That's fantastic. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations, Francine! No one deserves great press more than you. You are a diligent worker, putting your heart into everything you do.
    I need to renew my subscription to Interior Design. hanks for the reminder, and congratulations on the mentions of your lovely products.

  6. Francine,
    I saw the black urn/dish set and thought it was one of the most brilliant designs I had seen in ages!!! If I lived in a small chic apartment I would own 4 of these. Art by day and a beautifully set table in a flash=LOVE!!!

  7. Bravo to you and your team Francine. I have that issue of HB in my travel bag & still haven't had a moment to read. I'm thrilled for you and very rightly deserved.

    I hope your Thanksgiving was a terrific one and to have you knock on my door in Scotland would be an honour.

    x Deb

  8. i am thrilled for you!!!



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