Friday, November 11, 2011

Meet Jeffrey Bilhuber

If you happen to be in New York on November 16th, please come and meet Jeffrey Bilhuber. Jeffrey will be speaking about his design philosophy and signing his latest book: "The Way Home: Reflections on American Beauty." I would love to welcome you.

I have had the pleasure to know Jeffrey for many years, as Jeffrey has been a client of my showroom Interieurs. His office is actually just a block away from Interieurs. I have, over the years, followed his work and always admired his sense of color, his individual style and his amazing success stories.

"Jeffrey Bilhuber's design style reflects how we live our lives to day. His uniquely American perspective breathes new life into traditionalism with a confirmed understanding of modern sensibilities. He mixes periods and design ideas with a confidence and instinctive style, whose rules are self evident: practicality and sheer beauty. Bilhuber is recognized for his fresh spin on classic design and universally acknowledged as a major style force in this millennium."

A few of my favorite rooms deigned by Jeffrey:

 My all time favorite!

Hope to see you. Please RSVP to Estera

A Bientot,



  1. Francine - what a marvellous event, as all of yours are. I admire Jeffrey's work tremendously & what a thrill it would of been to have met him in person. My U.K. sister in law flew to NYC to celebrate her 40th birthday today; how I wish I had gone with her & then attended your event on the 16th. Someday..someday...

    x Deb

  2. My blog is proof that I adore the work of this great designer! I wish so much that I could be there, Francine. Have a wonderful, successful evening.

  3. Francine, the second that I read that you were hosting this event, it made such sense to me! This book has been on my Christmas list since I first read about it. I love that he dared to make a book about people's homes after the fact, as it is. It would seem to take so much belief in what you do to let it go afterwards. And maybe I have been living in France for too long, but I am really tired of all of these perfectly styled photos! A little bit of life goes a long way, n'est-ce- pas? I hope that you had a wonderful time at home and that this event goes swimmingly!

  4. i would love to come Francine... but I won't be in New York... I love his work also... I know the event will be a great success... xv

  5. Francine: My girlies are planning on it! Work has a way of destroying their plans, but when you see them, give them a hug for me! I hope you loved your photograph with Thom and Genevieve in my High Point Page Six post. It was a great photo of a talented trio.

  6. Wish I could come and meet you, and vickie Archer too. I know it will be a great
    Success. I liked the staircase best.

  7. You have a beautiful blog! Lovely pictures! I follow you!


  8. Hello Francine,
    It would be wonderful to be there but I'm so so far.
    Thank you for your visit and words,



  9. What a wonderful friend to have...........inspiring! I am sure his book signing will be special event. Carla x


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