Friday, November 18, 2011

Jeffrey Bilhuber: A book signing

The Showroom was ready, hors d'oeuvres laid out, the wine bar fully primed, sound equipment and projector fully tested, music on, RSVP growing by the minute... and then, as New York, a city full of surprises is prone to do, played a trick on us unloading a steady penetrating downpour  from its very dark skies.

For you familiar with New York, treacherous rains in this city essentially mean the kiss of death for an event, no cabs to be found, traffic in full gridlock. Then Jeffrey arrived followed by a relative handful of some 40 hardcore New Yorkers who would not permit the elements to hinder their objective of meeting and listening to Jeffrey Bilhuber' talk about his latest book: The Way Home: Reflections on American Beauty.

I already knew Jeffrey as an immensely talented designer, but as I sat down to hear him talk about the book, design, history, I was totally taken back by his wealth of knowledge, his eloquence, his historical reference. Jeffrey is simply an amazing story teller, without fluff, he takes you through the core of his creative process, he shares his passion and love for design, his complete dedication to his craft and to his client and his great love of New York.

I felt elated, trusting my instinct , energized from his talk. Jeffrey is simply an extraordinary motivational speaker! His book is a must have.

Showroom ready...

Estera and Jenn ready to ring up the books

Devon, a talented designer working with Alexa Hampton,  Jeffrey, Me and
Beth Neuhaus, founder of Interior Connector.

Devon is the beautiful daughter of Liz Morton of Dovecotedecor

A Bientot,



  1. Bravo Francine, so sorry I could not make it but my planned day in the city was relocated to Greenwich and the meeting lasted well into the evening. And by the way it seems to have poured even more in CT! Please don't give up on me and include me next time you have a great event like this one must have been. Thanks and a bientot.

  2. Happy you have a good turnout, Francine! I would fight rain and tornados had I been near! I admire Jeffrey's work, and I am happy to learn that he is such an interesting person.
    Have a nice Friday.

    Glad to see Liz's daughter. Love Liz and her blog!

  3. I was so very sorry to miss this event!! Looks marvelous. Bilhuber's new book is marvelous - such a perceptive meaningful approach to design!! Hope to see you soon!!

  4. I'm so pleased that the rain 'didn't stop play' so to speak and that you had a good turnout. By your photos, it looks as if everyone was enthralled. If I lived there I would have put on my wellies , splashed through the puddles and joined you all !!!! XXXX

  5. Francine: Devon is such a fan of Jeffrey Bihuber, she was honored to be included. Thank Luke for the lovely pictures of my girl. I wish I could have been there.

  6. i would have loved to have been there... (i would have been one of the brave ones!) nyc in a downpour is the worst... seattle i can handle for some reason...

    my thoughts and prayers with you and your dear mother... and wishing a successful outcome on her surgery... bless your heart for being there for her...... xoxo

  7. True New Yorkers are willing to brave even the scariest of weather for an even like this. :) I would have been there with bells on if I still lived there!

    Saw your comment on Red Ticking--sending good energy for your Mom.

    My lamp hasn't arrived yet so that is why you haven't heard a big "thank you" from me--trust me, I won't forget!

    All my best,

  8. PS; Francine, am sending you an email at about the lamp. Again, sending so much good energy to you and your Mom.

  9. Francine I would have loved to have been there!

    Thank you so very much for your well wishes. I am getting better every day! I hope your mom & son are as well.

    So wonderful to see Liz's daughter Devon!

    Love and Hugs,

    Art by Karena


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