Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Winter Escape - Islamorada Key

Enough of snow, sleet, cold, and a state of overwork exhaustion. I just needed a quick break to recharge the emotional and physical batteries.

My husband and I decided to visit his brother in Palm Beach. Breathtakingly beautiful, pristine with an almost too perfect quality,  Palm Beach is a true respite from busy cold New York. However as my branding phrase...I love perfect imperfection... I needed a more exotic, real venue to let go of worries and fatigue.

On to Tablethotels.com (my favorite hotel search engine) and a last minute booking at Casa Morada on Islamorada Key that, apparently, just had a cancelation. After a drive and walk through the Everglades... (I had to see a gator!) we arrived at the well hidden Casa Morada. I suddenly felt light, free of worries and happy as a  young child. This was everything I had hoped for, a secluded week end in a most informal yet perfectly designed boutique hotel, on the water.

I will let my pics speak for themselves but in 2 days I enjoyed myself more than I have in quite a long time... I swam in the ocean, freshened up in the pool, snorkeled, went biking, suntanned, ate exquisitely prepared fish two nights in a row at Pierre's restaurant (part of the Morada Bay Cafe complex).

If you are in need of a little "TLC" go and check out this little spot on the Floridian Gulf Coast. You won't be disappointed.

Pierre's restaurant: cocktail first

On to the brilliant fish dinner

As you watch the sunset from the Veranda

While snorkeling, I leave the world behind

He tried to escape my camera, but I got him!


  1. Les photos sont superbes! ca a du etre tres reposant et sympa...
    The pictures are amazing! It must have been very relaxing and fun...

  2. Boy! I wish I was there. Love the Keys. We use to have a condo at the Exec, Bay club down the road.
    Can't get lost only one road right? I would love to go fishing there. Miss the conch fritters and yellow tail, and Grouper. They never heard of that fish in Maine.LOL Have fun and a margaretta
    for me.


  3. Oh my goodness! How gorgeous. I have never been to the Keys and have always wanted to go. That place looks so beautiful.

  4. Now I totally want a vacation! x o

  5. Ah vacation!! Looks beautiful!! Going to (not as exciting) Marbella on Friday...can't wait for the bikini days:)

  6. R-e-s-p-i-t-e.
    So happy you did.

  7. How spectacular!! And i'm with you - love the perfect imperfection. This is simply divine. Enjoy - it's still brisk here.

  8. Gorgeous place Francine.. I agree I prefer perfect imperfection.. but this doesn't seem to bad at all.. hehe

    Love the colonial style building towards the end of your post.. similar to our queenslander cottages.. but just has that something!!

    Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  9. That looks so relaxing and awesome! So jealous!


  10. Your photos say it all Francine. I'm with you and Julie, I too prefer perfect imperfection. I adore the charm of the buildings, the beauty of the ocean and the pure thought of unabashed relaxation. So happy for you that you got away. Gave you the fuel for your big Roof Top Event! I hope it went well and many cocktails were enjoyed and sales were made? Have a marvelous weekend Francine.

  11. So gorgeous, looks like a wonderful vacation!

    People that live in the Keys tear round know of it but don't know where it is. Hidden away, magnificently landscaped, nice clean rooms with stocked bars and quick room service, great staff that treat you like a V.I.P., attentive and yet not intrusive, they built their own Island containing a covered bar and eating area and its own beach and pool. Truly beautiful ! My girlfriend and I felt like it was our own private resort. We hardly saw the staff unless we needed them and saw other guests very rarely. The bartender brought us chilled towels for our faces and signature saki lemonades while we were in the pool without us asking for them and disappeared until they were empty and magically refills appeared. The bartender left her post to bring my girlfriend snorkeling equipment because she observed her swimming in the ocean without them. Next to Bora Bora and the Figi Islands this is the place !


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