Saturday, March 12, 2011

The greater plan...


I was in Indonesia during the 2004 Tsunami with my husband and sons, sheltered in the rainforest of Borneo. During the night, I knew something terrible had happened but with lack of telephone, TV, electricity, we felt completely isolated. Texts popped up on our phones... are you ok? ... earthquake.... We made our way back to Bali and were struck by the look on peoples faces...fear... dismay...sadness. I felt an incredible fear as at that point, a second earthquake was expected, and we were near a volcano. Then I knew... it was time to surrender, surrender to the fate that only God controls. After such a dramatic event, I felt pulled by the peaceful teachings of Buddhas, the philosophy of life led by His followers.

Life went on, until more natural disasters occurred, the terrible floods of New Orleans, the horror of the Haitian earthquake, the floods of Australia, followed by New Zealand and now Japan...

One has to stop and reflect...Is there a greater plan? In such crises, some of us demonstrate heroic actions , selflessness compassion, others close their eyes and tell themselves that all these people suffering are far, far away and choose to go on trying to avoid fear and reality. Tomorrow morning, I will go to church and pray, pray to accept without anger all the suffering brought to our beautiful planet, pray for the souls of the the struck ones and thank God for every moment of this life.

For any who may wish to contribute to relief efforts in Japan, Connie of  Sogui e Sorrisi has a list of organizations with funds already up and running.  


  1. Thank you for this beautiful post, your story is remarkable, and yes, for this reader I do believe there is a greater plan. I often feel foolish and check myself regarding what is really important, there is much suffering by others who struggle for mere survival. At moments life is so surreal. No matter our thoughts, stances, idealology or faith the only thing that matters is the Truth, and though we seek it we will never fully realize it until that moment we are on the other side. My family joins you in thought and prayer as our hearts go out to those so far away, and those close by who struggle from moment to moment, to simply live.

  2. Dear Francine,

    Truly, there is not much more to say than what you have so eloquently expressed. Thank you.

    My best friend from childhood, who was in her house in Hawaii, talked about much the same things last night.

    Completely off subject, but I have a question for you. If you would be so kind as to e-mail me at I'll explain.


  3. Ιt's such a disaster! Let's all pray for the people who suffer now in Japan.
    Let's also think how weak human being is in nature and how much respect must we have towards everyone and everything in the world! The earthquake is a lesson for all of us. Life is precious and short, but we sometimes think that we are special and that we'll live for ever. In only a few moments we realize that this was not true...

    Sorry for my poor english!

  4. Beautifully written and heartfelt. It is awful to know so many lives have been devastated in Japan. xo

  5. Dear Francine,
    I'm afraid that I have no words to explain this terrible disaster. There seems no reason why people should suffer so much. You have an insight as to what it must be like but, sitting here in England, I have no idea, apart from the horror that I have seen on my television screen and the faces of the Japanese people. All that I can hope is that they do not get any more major tremors and can start the terrible ordeal of the cleaning up process.
    My thoughts are with all of the people of Japan. XXXX

  6. Stop and eyes are welling up because just yesterday as I sat waiting at our local Chinese ,I was TOTALLY shocked at how NOT ONE person seemed to take any notice at the news on the TV screen above us as YET another Disaster unfolded right before our eyes. Everyone was 'TOO BUSY' getting their take just goes on for others I guess.....

  7. Horrifying. Just got to know that the ones I know are safe.... but, that does not take away the devastating fact of all the others missing.

  8. Francine, this post was so touching I have tears in my eyes. Yesterday I could not believe what I was seeing on TV, today I just pray for our fragile life.

  9. So beautifully written Francine. With each of these disasters I find I contemplate this a lot - I can't help but feel more and more grateful for what I have. My appreciation for the basic necessities in life grows, I value and respect the essential shelter, safety and comfort a home provides and that the most important things in our lives are people not things. I can't imagine what it must be like to suddenly have this all taken from you,,,the images on the news keep me awake at night as I think of the loss and destruction.....

  10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with well said and I agree- we have SO MUCH to be thankful for..our prayers and thoughts are with everyone where ever affected by this event..COL X ~ Afrique du Sud

  11. Beautiful words. The destruction of our dear Mother Earth (and the greater plan) is humbling. Hoping the power of humanity can help console, heal, and rebuild in the aftermath of nature's power.

    Stay well and happy...


  12. Lovely post Francine...I cannot think what it must be like to be in Japan right now - the heartache and chaos must be unimaginable...xv

  13. I feel absolutely terrible for the people of Japan. I cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through at this time... xo

  14. Absolutely breaks my heart and puts so many things into perspective.


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