Sunday, March 6, 2011

Interieurs via... Interior Connector

I spend hours every week sourcing products for clients. I feel that, as a designer, I must be aware of new products, materials, lighting, shops, websites...  As a furniture designer and manufacturer as well as owner of the Interieurs Showroom and website, I am also constantly looking for new platforms to present the Interieurs Collections...we are currently on 1st,, Decorati, Home Portfolio and of course, Outside of our website, I had no other venue to present the Interieurs Collection as a powerful brand until I met... Beth Neuhaus.

I met Beth a couple of months ago in our showroom and it was... sold at first sight... Beth is brilliant, energetic and left the legal world for the creative field of design. She is investing all her talent and energy into a new medium that will transform the way we source products and ideas.

Below, our Interieurs page on Interior Connector

Beth's website Interior Connector is an online platform showcasing luxury home furnishings offered by the independent showrooms, boutique or designer/architects with their own line. The stories behind each trend setter and tastemakers give an insight into the collections and people behind them.

Are you slightly curious to find out more about yours truly... just click on a short recent interview

Whether I am working on a new collection, or a client project, I need to be inspired, feel the space or the collection and when I start the creative process, I need to know who is behind each piece of furniture, is it an artist? which period was it built? what materials was/were used? ... no single website could completely satisfy such an inquiry until Beth introduced Interior Connector.

Interior Connector is making its debut and I cannot wait to see how far it is going to take us... I remember when Michael Bruno started his website from Paris years ago... I think that Beth has all it takes to build a strong platform where great design can be accessed effortlessly.

To sign up click on the link

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  1. Such a great idea, Francine!
    I am already signed up. I don't know how but now I have to remember (or get it from the site) my password and I will be searching.
    Have a great day, Francine.

  2. What a fantastic tip! I am going there now to check out your presence as well as the site overall. Thanks!

  3. Yes, we "connected" on twitter. It's a brilliant concept and you are certainly in good company as Beth carries THE best innovative companies.

  4. A wonderful introduction to a new concept in beautiful design items!

  5. sounds exciting! can't wait to check it out :) and thank you for the thoughtful comment you left on my blog post today and always...i appreciate every single one of them. P.S. i'd love the name of the person re-designing your blog...i hired someone back in September and am STILL waiting for her to do it...i'm ready to move on!)

  6. Sounds like a match made in heaven Francine .. and i find it both intriguing and inspiring that Beth left the legal industry to pursue the world of design.. How great to change one's life like that... i'm feeling the need to do the same

    Love all your previous posts too.. trying to catch up on blogging...

    Have a great week and thanks always for your kind comments.. ciao xxxx Julie

  7. Simplu superb Francine thank you so much for the info and link to subscribe!

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