Monday, April 28, 2014

Design on a Dime benefit

Last week was a whirlwind, between business, design work and installing our Design on a dime booth, my head was literally in the clouds. As a result, i lost, glasses, camera, one of my projects' floorplans (which we had to redo). To add to the list, the day following the event, we started a HUGE sale at Interieurs.

I am now gearing for my next benefit event which is the highlight of Greenwich Westchester social calendar, The Red Cross Gala. I am designing a table and forgot a major detail...the flower centerpiece, I also designed a fabric pattern exclusively for the table and....the fabric is lost somewhere in transit.The event is on Saturday May 3rd. Mercifully, I am waking up to a beautiful morning and will shortly go and check my favorite nursery for a dose of "gardening fix", as I am in dire need of perennials and replacement roses.

Design on A Dime was an amazing success, The private cocktail for viewing only was packed and socialites, as well as designers, were taking a mental note of what they will purchase. The furniture is donated by each  designer. In my case, I received wonderful items from our vendors, Innergaze with whom we do the most high end cabinetry work, built the white console. Romo donated all the amazing fabrics for the seating, and Mario Valle our wonderful upholster made the pieces. I commissioned the wonderful artist Gerry Mercado to do the two graf. paintings. Robert, at window mode, made tons of pillows for us as well, Design Within Reach and Soho Concept donated the 2 armchairs.Interieurs took care of all the rest of the pieces, rug, accessories, vintage lamp, heating pillar etc....

As soon at the red cords were pulled, the shopping frenzee started. I was stunned, within less than half an hour our entire booth was sold!!! paintings, upholstered sectional, rug, chairs, tables, accessories....everything SOLD!!!! I took a risk by going so bold, when the rest of the booths were rather traditional and it really paid off. The energy within our team was amazing, as exhausted but happy, we felt that we contributed a little to the ones in need. 
Housing Work is truly an outstanding organization and it is so rewarding to see designers come together for such a great cause.

WE had a late start, 11am installing the electrical wires to crate a ceiling

We could not proceed placing the furniture until the canvases were mounted , stressful was the word as the count down - everyone had  to be out by 4pm started. A benefit Gala Dinner was to be held that evening. By 3:30 we hung the paintings.Neighbors were looking at us with compassion and horror, never thinking we would make it on time and commenting on how insane we were to be so calm....

Estera and I with Gerry, a well deserved hug! Gerry was thrilled to see his painting being snatched away

Now the fun starts...

A couple of my favorite vignettes:

A Bientot,


Looking for a designer? Would love to help...


  1. Your vignette looked fantastic! I had a painting in George Oliphant's vignette. I wish I lived closer and was able to attend. The photos I have seen are marvelous.

  2. Dear Francine,
    This is a thrilling room and I am amazed at the Graffiti works of art! Super fabulous!

    Studio Dan Meiners Feature

  3. I can see why all were mad for your booth! What fun! Your week sounds about like mine !!

  4. How wonderful Francine, Congratulations. Your booth is so chic.
    Love the art work. Pace yourself, take a deep breath. You are running on hightest.


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