Saturday, August 10, 2013

Finding Serenity

Green is the color of life, green symbolizes self -respect and well being.
Green is the color of healing, it represents regeneration and growth, balance and harmony. It brings calmness, and soothes the senses and the nerves.

People who favor green tend to be kind and giving, loving, family oriented, creative and artistic. They enjoy life and comfort and care for the well being of others. 

Healers' first choice for treating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual is green as it contains powerful energies of nature, growth and energy.

Green is a medium for creativity, changes, growth, green protect from fear and anxiety.

I am in need of a little green!

It seems that my life is a constant whirlwind, professionally, emotionally and physically. It has been more than a month since my last post! Exhausted and stressed, I took refuge to our beloved family island in Maine. Drove 9 hours each way, wind blowing with the top down, to meet my family and friends. Three blissful days, immersed in green is all it took to soothe my nerves, brings back peace and calm and re-envigorated me for my creative quest. 

Church in Iceland
 Iceland original houses

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

All photos by Francine Gardner, otherwise noted

Hope you have a little green in your life

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  1. Oh Francine I would have stayed even longer, so glad you went though. These images have already calmed me! I truly can relate to you.....

    Designer Series: Barry Dixon

  2. Francine, sometimes it is just getting outside in the fresh air, the sunshine, the moonlight, along with the verdant green. I love your photos, the green looks like moss growing as a carpet. So happy you went to Maine, the weather is so much cooler, the greens greener, like emeralds, and to be with friends and family. The work will wait just a bit. xx's

  3. Francine, there is a Japanese practice called "Forest Bathing". This is exactly what you did. - I don't know if the link will show up but google it. I envy your 3 days, as there is very little green here in Phoenix this time of year!

  4. These images are so calming and fresh. I hope they refreshed you as much as they did me.

  5. Just so beautiful. Thank you.


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