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Design trends...eclectic style

A Vignette in my Interieurs Showroom

I am now preparing for my September purchasing trip in Paris and the South of France. I always look forward to Maisons et Objets, as I find this show quite stimulating visually and I usually discover  young artisans brimming with new ideas. This show is also a thermometer of sorts in terms of measuring design trends.  I am almost finished with a two year project of a rather large Tribeca loft (in New York), a beach house in the Hamptons, soon to be published, and I am embracing a very challenging (design wise) project in  New York.

Going through the latest publications of design books, european and US design magazines, reading blogs, looking at my favorite designers' websites, and relying on my own design direction and style, "eclectic" remains the key word in our industry. A few months ago, I shared a few modern eclectic visual collages I had prepared for a potential huge project...(which I unfortunately did not get as the owner flipped the space before moving in, for a very tidy profit...). This post is about  my personal interpretation of eclectic style. Let me start with the definition of this adjective (which is also a noun): eclectic means "composed of elements drawn from various sources". The greek origin of the word first used in1683 is "to gather".

My style has always been eclectic, years before editors and designers would embrace this design trend. During the years of pure french country style, minimalism, the immensely successful Christian Liaigre with his clean ebonised furniture style, I would feature in my Interieurs Showroom in Tribeca, an eclectic mix of sophisticated, simple, distressed or ethnic furniture I would gather while traveling in various parts of the world, in french flee markets or high end furniture shows. I guess my lack of design schooling (I majored in finance...) allowed me to create my own style without any burden of design rules and conformity. I do work however with very talented associates trained in design schools in all methods of new technology.

This post is a tribute to the design I love most, the designers that epitomize the best of the eclectic sensitivity and hotels that now offer a pic at such a lifestyle.

A master of the eclectic style, Thom Filiccia, featuring my Interieurs Bamboo Harrison cocktail table

Interior by Steven Gambrel

Bedroom by Aurelien Gallet

The Best of the the best...Roman and Williams.We worked together on this condominium project.Dining area featuring the Interieurs farm table and chairs. We designed the model apartment.

Pure eclectic by Roman and Williams

Kitchen by Steven Gambrel

Dining by Sibella Court

 Brad Ford, a favorite designer


Great Entrance (from my pinterest)

Modern eclectic kitchen (from my Pinterest)

From the genius... Axel Vervoordt


A space we designed for the Met Home Showtime Showhouse

Interieurs by Francine Gardner

You can experience the eclectic style in the newest trend of boutique hotels

Bowery Hotel, lower East Side New York City

The Greenwich Hotel, Tribeca, New York City. Interieurs designed and manufactured furniture for the lobby and bedroom and sourced industrial pieces.

The GreenThe Kex hotel, Rekjavik Iceland, hotel designsShowhousewich hotel bedrooms: we designed and fabricated the steel nightstands

The Kex hostel in Tekjavik. This great city and country is worth a visit

If you would like see more of my favorite eclectic projects from designers and interieurs, check my pinterest eclectic board and www.interieurs.com

A bientot,



  1. I prefer light filled rooms, especially kitchens but that dark and moody kitchen by Steven Gambrel might make me change my mind :)

  2. I like all the pictures, decorating is definitely an art!

  3. Love all the photos as I like interiors that contain a melange of interesting items and also think that the dark kitchen is fabulous.

    à tres bientot, Leeann x

    p.s.I tried the mannequin idea for displaying necklaces but it did not work as well as I hoped it would :-)

  4. glad to see a little more is more again...gives us more to play with.

    Hope you are having a great summer!

  5. Oh, how I wish I could be a stowaway in your bag when you go to Maisons et Objets this fall!

    I have heard some American designers say that they feel the most 'eclectic' or truly original American design often comes out of NY and LA. I travel to California quite a bit, and often see things that I have never seen in Atlanta - then a few years later, it starts to creep into Atlanta design.

    One of my favorite houses (from a decor perspective) belongs to a top designer; I went to a book signing there. She is well known for her lovely and edited style, but her own house was a revelation - it was full of amazing collections from her travels throughout the world. It was so personal, so beautifully arranged, so striking. Yet utterly 'untransferable' - she could not create that at a client's house, because it was so personal.

    Have a nice weekend-

  6. I love that entry from your Pinterest. Very interesting. Full of character. Love the Sibella Court tablescape alfresco. Could spend an afternoon there easily.

    So sorry to hear your son suffered an accident. How very scary for you all. It sounds as if he's o.k.? Hope he's recovering well and that you are all coping with the stress from the incident. I'll keep you all in my prayers. xo

  7. Such amazingly gorgeous vignettes! I'm really dying to paint one of my rooms with dark walls and super light furniture...that shot with the black bookcases and taupe executive chair is too haute for words! Pinning! Love these!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  8. Francine, I have to agree with you that the best interiors are the ones that are eclectic and have an acquired and lived in look about them... I love all of your examples...

  9. Happy weekend to you too, Francine.
    Warm hugs from Spain


  10. your work is great, take care of every detail,
    a friendly greeting!

  11. Great collection of ideas and images.

  12. These are fantastic examples of eclectic design, I'm particularly obsessed with the railcar coffee table in the Kex hostel.

  13. Just saw this - what a fabulous assortment of projects and images!! Love it all!!


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