Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jose Esteves Lighting Show

Every spring, Interieurs introduces Jose Esteves latest collection of unique lighting sculptures. 
The creative process is by far the most fascinating part of my work. I love my working relationship with Jose as we both share similar sensibility and taste. 
I went to Paris for one day in January to meet with Jose and discuss the May 2012 show. I already had an idea in my head, I, movement, mobile, white and black always with a touch of whimsical. On perhaps the coldest day in Paris, we walked the streets of Saint Germain, and visited all the Mid Century galleries. Warming up over dinner, Jose, pen in hand, and me, talking non stop with excitement, the fusion of our ideas started to take form on the paper table cloth of this quaint fabulous little bistrot that Monique had booked for the three of us.

If you are in New York City on May 8th, please join me at Interieurs and meet the charismatic Jose Esteves and view his Night Light creations.

A Bientot,



  1. It sounds as if you and José had a wonderful time in Paris and I know that Night Light creations on the 8th of May at Interieurs will be a huge success.
    The lighting in our house leaves a lot to be desired Francine .... we have lovely lamps and chandeliers but can't see a thing !!!! haha I need to come to New York !! XXXX

  2. I am so proud to own one of his pieces Francine. Your collaboration is truly a fabulous one. Hoping for a wonderful opening!

  3. F,

    i would do about anything to be there.
    i can't wait till i can get to the city.
    you are stop#1.
    i just pray that when i do get there you are in town!

  4. I totally agree with you on being Corso Como being an amazing store ...I would think Rosanna Orlandi would be your thing as well?

  5. Oh Francine as you know I adore Jose's works of art in lighting! One day I shall have one!

    I have featured an Interview on my site with Tina from The Enchanted Home...


    Art by Karena

  6. Have fun, Francine! If I were in NY I would definitely come hang out! xo

  7. To answer your question, Jose esteves pieces are available on www (

  8. Love the sculptural quality of his lighting pieces.

  9. So beautiful—your work together produces fabulous results! I wish that I could have been there, but I am certain the event went splendidly!

    Have a wonderful day!


  10. Wishing you a fabulous Mothers Day.



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