Sunday, February 19, 2012

Inspirations... Modern Eclectic

Interieurs Showroom

January could be referred as "mensis horribilis", dismal business, hardly a client in sight, very few purchase orders.... Having just returned from antique shopping in France, a full container ready to leave, I start fretting, worrying about the state of Business and its enormous financial demands...running a showroom in New York is not for the faint of hearts. I actually run 3 separate businesses, Scenes d'Interieurs d/b/a ... Interieurs ... which is the furniture, lighting, accessories Showroom featuring the Interieurs furniture collection, unique antique pieces and other exclusive collections... Interieurs Inc., which is the wholesale component of the business and Interieurs Design Studio which as it clearly states is the interior design element. I need to be constantly abreast of new products, materials, be inspired to design new pieces for the interieurs collection, understand the upscale market and its demands, utilize the new marketing tools and keep a presence as a key player in the industry.

Getting ready to pitch a new client or an existing client is always a challenge. We had a presentation last friday for an amazing client, incredibly stylish, creative and extremely prominent in the entertainment industry. The client mentioned that  2 top internationally known designers also wanted the project. That kind of challenge is exactly what I needed to chase the blues. In the midst of the frantic gathering of materials, inspirations, preparing boards, CAD elevations and floorplans, I received an email from probably my favorite client from our Tribeca showroom. He had just sold a very large penthouse to a foreign buyer and wanted to show him a few ideas of what could be done with the space. We had 2 days to present an electronic  portfolio of our work  that would be relevant to this amazing space. At 4 AM, my alarm clock woke me up, coffee in hand,  I mentally enter this truly amazing apartment with 360 views of Manhattan, a giant glass fish bowl of sorts, on top of the world. I envision a young, successful single person living there... 

Modern eclectic came instantly to me... not the expected pure contemporary design, but a mix of modern, with surprises of warm wood, corky pieces, custom lighting that would define a space, give a glow and some warmth and a cosmopolitan fee. The international client, whom I may never meet, might spend very little time in this penthouse.

Portfolio ready, I also prepared two inspiration collages the would more clearly define my vision of the space. This prospect is a real long shot as he may have a specific designer in mind, but it was a great exercise to re-awaken my creative juices.  

Inspiration: Eclectic

Inspiration: Contemporary eclectic

Do you have a favorite?

A bientot,



  1. Francine, I just love this post. Mostly because it gives insight into the huge responsibility of running a successful business. Obviously, you have wonderful employees who are so loyal to you, a major key element today. I love the thoughtfulness of the inspiration collages you created for the client. Personally, I love the 1st one, the hanging lighting fixture is amazing. A challenge and a deadline. This is when I do my best work also. Drives most people crazy, but it's when I'm at my best. Awesome post. Love you....

  2. Love both of them, but I have a preference or the first eclectic's so exciting! Best of luck!

  3. I wonder why that is, but I am the same way. Give me pressure and I'll produce. Until then, I can always think of other things to focus on.

    I really like both collages, with a leaning towards the first one. Love quirky elements in a clean surrounding.

  4. Dear Francine,
    Oh my! What a story! What a challenge and as you said this re- awakens one's creativity!!
    My favorite is the eclectic inspiration.
    Have a nice Sunday and I wish you a lot of succes with your projects! I do know that it is not always that evident pitching new clients in present difficult times!

  5. Wow! This is one beautiful showroom, Francine. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Sunday, and Good Luck!

  6. Ah, I see that sort of presentation. I see the Lamont pieces, but that aside, I prefer the first story board.

  7. Dear Francine,
    Businesses are really having a hard time at the moment but, with your wonderful work ethic, stamina and talent, I'm sure that you will weather the storm.
    ..... and, I'm obviously very different to everyone else as I love the Contemporary eclectic. I always have wanted to be different to everyone else !!
    I'm sure that the clients will love your ideas and I will be keeping everything crossed that the clients choose you. Much love. XXXX

  8. I like the first board; wow I can only imagine the stress of a NYC showroom; thinking good thoughts for you.

  9. Hello Francine,
    I am so with you in the way you describe the pleasure and the challenges of our trade. Quite often I find people describing only the hights and the achievements,often quite self-centeredly. It is so refreshing for my mind and warming for the soul to read a true account of how the artistic cum business element works. Wishing you the very best in life!

  10. Hi Francine!
    You are so right! January is Kapootz!!!!!! But I was at M & O and I just want to say I was there before the big freeze....... I mean it is always cold but... Now I can see it in you blog.... I'll bet you still arranged for some fabulouse things to show up at Intereurs.....
    Maryanne xo

  11. F,
    i love the first set!!
    the second is a bit too much like the movie 'sleeper' for me.
    i am so happy for you
    this sounds like a dream!!



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