Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fireplaces ...Urban Style

This fireplace was my inspiration for a current project

I am currently working on a fairly large space in Tribeca, downtown New York. It is about 6500 square feet with terraces and beautiful views. The living room is very spacious with 14 foot ceilings, open dining room, separate kitchen and library. The style direction is modern, eclectic with bright colors. Every piece of furniture has been carefully selected. We either designed the specific piece which would then be bench made in one of our workrooms, or imported it from Italy , England, France, or ordered it  from New York specialty shops or showrooms. The space did not have a functioning fireplace and I felt that the library absolutely called for custom cabinetry incorporating a fireplace. I researched the codes and the above image is the inspiration that I presented to our client. Six months into the project, we should be able to get the permits very soon and get started.

While doing my research, I found a great belgium fireplace purveyor:Metalfire which is ideal for modern urban spaces. I will share a few of my favorite styles. Meanwhile, i decided that our Interieurs Showroom could also use a little warming up. I contacted the Brasa owner and now represent the company in New York. I just love their collection, during our parties, we lit the tall pedestal at night and it gives such an intimate warm feel to the terrace. We hosted an event this November, the bar was outside and most of the guest sat , stood, drank and ate on the terrace, the pedestal fireplaces gave enough heat to keep the party going.

Brasa pillar fireplace. I also have them in white around my pool and terrace. They are just wonderful for outdoor dining and night swimming. 

Brasa tall white pillar in the background on the Interieurs terrace

Various Brasa fireplace style. Photo Brasa

Metalfire fireplaces.Image Metal fire

One of my favorite Metal fire fireplace

 Images above from Metalfire

A Bientot,



  1. i think i need one of these sleek and contemp. fireplaces in my studio!!!

    love em'


  2. They are all beautiful. I love the Patio torch, looks easy to use. Glad you have the franchise
    beautiful product. yvonne

  3. Now THAT'S a pool!! My son's college actually has a similar built in wall fireplace in the newer dorms that overlook the ocean. I was thinking, "Really? Can I go here?!" xoxo

  4. gorgeous pictures !
    greetings from brussels,

  5. Never seen a pillar fireplace before, fascinating!
    xxx dj
    ps your comment made me smile

  6. Simple but so chic! Love that outdoor column one...I'd want one for every space I clients in California would flip for this look!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  7. Sounds like the most wonderful project, Francine! The inspiration is fabulous as well—thank you for sharing :)


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