Saturday, December 17, 2011

F A O Schwartz:Design your own Muppet

Brilliant! Genius idea!
 A couple of days ago, I met my dear friend Suzanne at F A O Schwartz on our way to visit her friend's new apartment on Park. Fabulous apartment, a New York dream...
Suzanne was designing a muppet for my favorite little man in the world, her son Asher.
I was enthralled and felt as if I had entered a world of childhood characters, or Santa workshop and I so badly wanted to be a kid again. The concept is  ingenious, clear and simple, pure marketing brilliance, one only has to look at the line of mothers waiting to create a Muppet to capture the success story of the Muppet Whatnot workshop.

First, you pick the Muppet body and then pick the eyes, nose, hair, outfit. I watched, mesmerized as Asher's Muppet was coming to life. If you are a proud mother of a toddler, happens to live or travel through New York City, this is a must!!

Asher's muppet: The Mad Doctor

The Mad Doctor going home

Get started, mothers, grandmothers, go for it and have a little fun,

check here:

A Bientot,



  1. Francine-
    You are always in the right places. If I was a young mother or grandmother I would find a way to get to a shop like this one.
    Tank you for sharing. I will have to share this with friends.

  2. this is fascinating stuff!!

    love it!!

  3. How fabulous Francine.... I just love this... so adorable... Suzanne's little darling will be so excited when he receives this... xv

  4. F,
    this is the most marvelous post.
    And THIS IS WHY i wish i were still living in the city.

    i hope your holiday is all you hope it to be


  5. I loved FAO Schwartz as a kid!

  6. Francine what a perfectly delightful discovery and the adorable result is bound to bring much joy!

    Wishing you the warmest of Christmases and the healthiest/happiest New Year..



  7. Francine, I hope that you will see this because I got my lamp!! It is even more beautiful than I had hoped. The light is so gorgeous in the evening and I think that I have already found its "home." It already seems like a piece that we have always had, which is a great sign.

    Can you imagine what a fun Christmas surprise this was for me?

    Thank you again so much for your generosity. I will post about it after Christmas as it seems that the blog world is shutting down for a few days of rest.

    Wishing you and your family a Joyeux Noël!
    With all of our very best from Arles,
    Heather and Remi

  8. Merry christmas to you, Francine




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