Saturday, October 9, 2010

A party for AMARA....

Interieurs introduces the Amara Collection designed by Francine Gardner and Interieurs' designer Greg Glidden

The party is over.....I always asked myself...what am i doing this for? it takes an enormous amount of energy to throw a party and to what aim? the goal of this event was to introduce our Amara Collection.

I have owned an Ethiopian wooden grain harvest for years. A few months ago, for our store opening, I placed the large ethiopian piece in the entry where it looked really stunning. One morning in june, as I walked into the showroom, I looked at the piece and suddenly I had an image of a collection based on this wooden piece....instant inspiration. I shared my vision with Greg, our in store head designer and together, we collaborated on our new collection...AMARA which is the name for Paradise in ethiopian.

The MAKENA armoire,hand carved mahogany panels.We designed the handles, hand made, specifically for this collection.

SANURA mirror

Jason Kontos, Editor In Chief of New York Spaces co-sponsored the event. Tara Guerard the incredibly talented event designer (see the showroom into the coolest lounge on a non existing cannot find a better friend......the evening was perfect, warm with a slight breeze, candles glittering, music, great people, wonderful conversations. The terrace became the perfect night spot where guest could lounge on daybeds, deep sofas....

Estera, Interieurs design Studio project Manager designed the 20ft high background

Isn't amazing how Tara can transform a dead tree

The terrace is getting ready for the event...specially made tablecloths, pillows, arrived at 6:30 Event due to start at 6:30....a marathon

For pics. of the party you can check into the next edition of New York spaces. By the time the party started, I had no clue as to the whereabouts of my camera.....


  1. Francine,
    Your line is absolutely gorgeous. Mahogany is my favorite wood, and the design here is genius!
    Party looked beautiful.

  2. These are just beautiful pieces. Elegant and artistic. The event looks like it was beautiful

  3. Francine, stunning, and I just knew that Tareq would enjoy these! Yhe seating areas look so comfortable, and very chic!

    Art by Karena

  4. All I can say is...STUNNING!!!!! Francine you are a creative genius. Wish I could have been there to give you my congratulations in person. All the very best for your new line.

  5. Fabulous Francine.....Congratulations on your beautiful new range, xv.

  6. Francine
    You are force to be reckoned with... I suspect your travels influence your style too... your armoire is stunningly unique.. what a talent you are..

    Sounds like the party was wonderful if you lost track of your camera.. have a lovely week.. and thanks for your kind comments... I suspect you will be preparing for your upcoming trip... more excitement!! xxx Julie

  7. Lovely & beautiful. So happy to find your blog. I'm just realizing I think we ordered a piece from Interieurs for a project recently. Look forward to many more posts.

  8. Looks amazing. Incredible how inspiration arrives.
    Best of luck, it is beautiful. Carla

  9. Your line is beautiful! The party was perfection I am sure. I just want to cozy up in that day bed.

    Amy R.

  10. paradise, indeed. It looks well worth it.I love the custom hardware you applied to the armoire. Great job, it's a ton of work but it paid off!


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