Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flying off to .....Bhutan


In a little less than two weeks, I will be flying off to discover the magical kingdom of Buthan. I will be trekking in the mountains and valleys, sleeping along rivers, breathing the perfect clean thin air, resting in Monasteries, embracing the rugged beauty of the land, its people, enriching my understanding of the Buddhist spirituality. These moments when my body and my mind have no distraction but its surroundings, when each step , painful as it is, brings pure sheer mind is so in tune with the higher power, God, Buddha...I have a lot of thanks to give...thank you God for protecting my mother and giving her, her health back, thank you for all the love i receive and give every day  from my family, friends and sometimes just strangers, thank you for the freedom of running a business I enjoy with people i love. My life is truly a whirlwind, so when I stop, I need to be free of all the "stuff" that makes up my life.

I truly love being in the mountains, and the Himalayas are for me the pure expression of the love and power of God. Climbing on the mountain path, taking the sometimes painful breath brings me closer an closer to a God that I too many times leave behind.


  1. Francine, I am so happy your Mom is OK.
    Cherrish her for we are here such a short time. Thrilled you that you are going to such a fasinating country. Have a wonderful time, be safe and well. yvonne

  2. Can't wait to see pictures from your trip Francine! And I am so happy that your mother is doing lovely!


  3. Dear Francine,
    WOW..... what an incredible trip that you are embarking on......very spiritual.
    You will find so much peace and solice and return refreshed and renewed. I really look forward to many tales of your wonderful journey.
    Stay safe and have an amazing time. XXXX

  4. What a wonderful trip you are making. Hope you have an amazing time.

  5. It is such a great experience to have both body and spirit in balance and it sounds like this is your Nirvana... have a wonderful experience. ~Terri

  6. Francine: We envy your fantastic break and wait for the vicarious thrill of seeing your photos. Safe trip!

  7. Bhutan is on " my must go list "
    Enjoy your trip

  8. that is what i need.
    an ultimate escape-----
    being one with nature.
    and closest to g-d.


  9. Have a wonderful, soulful experience. The University of El Paso is designed in the Bhutanese style. It's a beautiful country.

  10. Hi Francine
    Your trip to Bhutan sounds like it will be a feast for the eyes as well as the senses, restoring calm, balance, and bringing new perspective to your busy life. The ocean has much the same effect on me as the mountains do on you. Hopefully you can drag me onto the ski slopes of Whistler when you are here in Vancouver at Christmas time for some of that mountain energy, and I can get you on the Pacific for some ocean energy. Take care and have a safe and inspiring trip. I am looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing all about your adventures.

  11. Hi Francine
    How fantastic to be travelling to Bhutan... I love what you have written here.. and understand how being in places of great natural beauty can leave you in awe and bring a sense of spiritual closeness... I must admit living in the city [or the suburbs] is becoming too crazy for me and I long to have more peace.. I guess it is a matter of balance..

    Have a wonderful and safe trip... . xxx Julie

  12. Ahhh balance. Will be thinking of you. Safe travels my friend.
    xo Lisa


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