Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Open Air Markets

Open air Markets are an early form of trade when one bartered goods, purchased produce, spices and all form of needed articles. From the "marches" of my village, to the wonderful one of Eze Village on the Cote d'Azur where I spent my summers, to the Hippy markets of Ibiza and funky ones of Saint Tropez, I have always loved to spend time in markets and shop for that perfect summer dress,  espadrilles in Spain,  artisanal cheeses or tree-ripened juicy peaches.

I am very conscious of the quality of food and try to eat only organic fruits, vegetables, eggs, free range poultry, organic milk and one of my greatest pleasure is to take my Ibiza basket and go first thing in the morning to the nearest farmer's market. Cities have amazing farmers market, I especially love the Union Square farmer's market.

I just would like to share with you my favorite markets, where I have found so many small treasures and tasted the most incredible and often "weird " foods.

produces from my village market in South West France

Aix en Provence has marvelous markets all year around

Flower market near Inle Lake in Burma

Produces grown on floating gardens on Inle Lake, Burma

Local market in Burma

Floating markets on the Mekong Delta, Viet Nam

Night market in Marrakech

Love the spice displays in Morrocan markets


My husband loved his sardines purchased on the Essaouira fish market in the early morning

One of my favorite market is in Barcelona, Las Ramblas

So many summers spent shopping at the markets in Ibiza


  1. I love this post and the images...so full of life.
    Markets are one of the first things I like to visit when I am in a new country, they tell me a lot about the people and their culture.

  2. Francine what incredible photography. The markets in Burma and all the colors of what they wear alone is remarkable. So fascinated by the floating markets in Viet Nam. My world has been so small compared to yours. You are such a fascinating woman.
    I so enjoyed this post!

  3. Yes, who can resist great heaping piles of beautiful things. Anything. Fruits & vegetables, flowers, fabulous fabrics, fun little pieces of clothing, it all looks like art to me. I love it.
    I share your passion, Francine. xx's

  4. gorgeous images.
    i want to go to the barcelona market that you love.
    that is my kind of place.

  5. Each of these markets are so beautiful. Filled with colors, inpsiration and teeming with life. Glorious! ~Lidy

  6. I adore outdoor markets. Was just at one yesterday in an ancient village.

    I love the colours and shades at the Burma market. Markets are always alive and bursting with fresh products from the earth. Excellent post, my dear! I so enjoyed this, too;-)

  7. Saturday, I will be going to my local Farmer's Market. I've missed it for the last 6 weeks...no more excuses! Beautiful post.

  8. Oh my...those flowers took my breath away!!! Great post! Chrissy

  9. What a lucky coincidence that the best places to buy delicious food are delicious for the eyes, too. The vibrancy is breathtaking.

  10. Absolutely, the La Boqueria in Barcelona has to be one of my all time favourites too. I could have spent half a day in there. You know, I've never seen a pure white aubergine! What a lovely travel journey contained in a post.

  11. I really truly adores this post. Open air markets are absolutely the best. Las Ramblas is one of my favorite streets in the world. Haven't made it to Morocco yet but it's definitely on the list. Ibiza looks fun.

  12. Love these photos. I am also a fan of outdoor markets... any market!

  13. I've so enjoyed reading about the amazing places you have traveled to...and love this post of markets around the world. Thanks so much.


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