Sunday, July 25, 2010

The epitome of a country garden

Here in Connecticut, we have been blessed by a sunny beautiful summer. Working in New York during the week, I treasure my week ends and my country garden. So much time is devoted to  planting, feeding, pruning but the rewards are so worth the efforts.
I love a simple country garden filled with flowers, trees, places to day dream, places to sit and read, places to relax on a rainy day, places to entertain, swim and play.
I will share my  ingredients for my ideal country garden.

A place for breakfast

A place to sit

A place to read

A place to nap

A place to lounge

A place for conversation

A place for lunches and dinners

A place to cool off

Old english roses for their perfume

Fresh vegetables

Fresh laundry dried in the sun

Hope you are enjoying a great summer!


  1. ohh such dreamy spots! I love this post! I would put many of these pieces in my yard if I could:)
    Happy monday!

  2. Francine!!! Oh my goodness, is this all your lovely property? It looks just like you. Looks like the perfect garden for me too!
    I'm so glad that your garden gives you all these pleasures away from the hustle & bustle of the city. I bet your family loves it too.
    Have a wonderful week.
    xo Lisa

  3. Why is it that the places to sleep, read and lounge are calling me the most? LOL.

    I ADORE your garden, and am not surprised that you look at it from the function, then the stunning form.

    You are such a talent Francine!

    I am in the city in mid Aug...are you attending the gift show?


  4. Between this and last post you have me waxing nostalgic for the summers of my youth back East on the river. Could they have really been that good? Happy summer.

  5. Ansolutely beautiful, Francine. The most ideal of spaces for summer pursuits.....well, my summer pursuits of reading, lapping up the sun, lazing the day away and maybe a delicate bit of pruning !!!! Heaven. XXXX

  6. Where to stop first-the cat and then a nap with the dog. All on my agenda this summer along with a few others on your list. Gaye

  7. you have quite a way with your roses!

    lovely images of your garden and refuge.

  8. hi francine... this looks heavenly...
    i will be in nyc aug 12th... we have to at least have coffee... xo pam

  9. Très FABuLOUS post!!! LOVE all the spots!!!

  10. Every detail equates to enjoying the positives of a beautiful summer. Truly a place for dreams Francine and for enjoying your lovely family. I hope you will be spending time there this weekend. All my best to you and yours ~ x

  11. Love the flowers and especially the place to nap!!

  12. Francine, you garden is a slice of heaven! I adore the different areas that you have included throughout your yard -- each its own little separate retreat... I think I would like to spend some time reading in your lounge area. The curtains are a delight!

    Enjoy some time in your lovely garden, and all that this weekend may bring,


  13. I would enjoy my summer more if I could spend it there!!!!!!!!Lovely post and I want that bench......Maryanne xo

  14. Pefect for me, smelling the roses, taking a nap, cooling off, picking fresh herbs to entertain at night. Heaven!

  15. So pretty, I am constantly vacuuming my cushions and running to bring them in from the rain.
    My Garden is gorgeous but I am getting 1 inch shorter every year from the work. The gardners here charge $20 dollars an hour and are like molasses in January. I have to help and at 73 it is getting to much. Yvonne 5foot 3 last yr.

  16. Oh Francine!
    Your garden is so beautiful.. perfect in fact.. I must say I covet it all .. especially a lap pool that looks this gorgeous.. but the image of 'A place to lounge'.. almost made me cry.. so beautiful..

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.. [sorry Ive been so absent.. having internet issues since moving].. xxx Julie


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