Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Girlfriend's Wedding….

I recently had dinner with a friend and  sharing over Sushi at Nobu' bar (our get together cantina), our thoughts about life, infinity, black hole, religion and…girlfriends.

I cannot envision my life without my girlfriends. We are always there for each other, with quite a few years behind us, we all have experienced the roller coaster that is life…our joy, our fears, our defeats and successes, but above all the incredible support and love we have for each other.
I am truly blessed with the most loving friends and their trust in me.

While walking in the woods near my house, my friend Cheryl announced in passing that…YES! she was getting married to my good friend Tom….I introduced them to each other a year ago at one of our Interieurs' party. Then I asked: where are you getting married? We looked at each other and without saying we knew…at the house, right? The house being our home in Connecticut where we celebrated my friend's Suzanne's (referred to at the time as my kids' second mom) wedding… a beautiful affair 10 years ago. On a side note, my husband is a lucky man, having been surrounded all these years by these beautiful, kind, funny, generous women, the women in my life.

Cheryl and Tom said yes on a glorious autumn day….not a dry eye under the tent… there was so much happiness, love, tears and laughter. This was a very intimate wedding,  lunch in our living room, where we spent so many moments together, Christmases, Thanksgiving, celebrations, always great food and wine, compliments of my husband, the chef and patriarch who knows how to take care of "his girls".

My friend Judith and Francesca (she really is a med student..) helped me with the flowers, my sons  moved all the furniture out of the house, Julie baked the most amazing cake. Everyone was there to celebrate. To Tom, this is an official sealed welcome into our crazy, fun, loving  family.

The setting

The preparation: flowers in season

Lunch for 40

The beautiful ceremony officiated by Tom's sister

Austin gave his mom away…

mom and daughter

The dashing boys…Austin and my sons


  1. Ah Francine, how beautiful. The bride looks gorgeous and the couple so happy. As I always say it is never too late to find true love and happiness with another!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Aren't late in life weddings glorious? Your friend looks so beautiful, and so happy. The handsome beaming sons are pretty great too:). How nice you shared your house, a wonderful setting for a wonderful event.

  3. What a fabulous setting for a wedding. Congratulations to the couple.

  4. What a gorgeous celebration and couple! And Francine, your home is a magazine-worthy abode! There is nothing like celebrating, isn't there! The bride is magnificent in her golden dress and the groom so happy to embark on a new life. Lovely gift of friendship. Thank you so much for coming to visit me, and you will be in the desert during the holidays? How interesting! DO SHARE when you come back! Bon voyage chère Francine! Anita

  5. Beautiful event and People.May they have a long and healthy, happy Life together.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and prosperous New year.

  6. Sending wishes for a wonderful 2015, Love Health and happiness. yvonne


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