Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What is Challenging?

This note is to Marsha of Splenderosa who is "challenging" us to write out thoughts for  our monthly "By invitation Only" column

Dear Marsha:

I could write a novel about the challenges that everyone faces in life…. I could keep it light and entertaining by just looking at my own daily challenges. Most importantly my iPhone... had my new one stolen after 3 days... still cannot figure out my replacement one. Speaking of replacement, I am constantly searching for my phone, my glasses, my wallet and found myself at dinner parties with a pen tucked in my hair.

Survival challenges: I trekked across deserts, glaciers, the Himalayas, remote parts of the Borneo jungle, skied off steep ravines but yet could not find my way home, my sense of direction being so poor. My children are blessed with a father that feeds them as I cannot cook for my life and am not allowed near any coffee machines or other apparatus such as a vacuum cleaner.

But the greatest challenge, is the passing of time, the changes one must make in life, accepting the curve ball that life throws at you. I am not very good at this, terrible in fact and that is rather challenging!

A bientôt,


  1. Oh Francine,
    Your words are just so perfect for our subject this month and, I loved reading it. It made me laugh, it made me cry …. what a great piece of writing. I LOVED it.
    Have a lovely week Francine. XXXX

  2. Francine, I immediately thought of you while reading Jackie's post! It is so fascinating the different lives we all lead, isn't it? And while I have given up trying to be "ahead of the curveball" I certainly am trying to be a little more relaxed about rolling with it.

  3. Amen!!!!! Life is throwing me that same curve ball. More difficult than I would have ever imagined when I was young. Have a great day. Mona

  4. Dear Francine, I always look to you with admiration for your grace and adventurous soul!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. My dearest Francine, this is hilarious! However, I really don't think you are missing much by not vacuuming. Having a pencil at your ear during a dinner party is charming, you are not meant to miss one single thing. For me, I am awestruck at all the purely physical challenges you have faced and won. I'm still on the green slopes, wouldn't get near a glacier, or trek anywhere. Fear of failure looms large for me in the sporting fields so I conjur up many reasons I cannot them on. And, just remember what my beloved grandmother, Mom-Mom, used to tell me:
    You cannot be the pitcher and the catcher.

  6. Succinct…clever…wise….you met the challenge head on….

  7. Hmmm.....perhaps one should check their inner compass as they do the navigational tool.
    This could be a start for preparing one's self for the occasional curve ball.

  8. Well said......time is a challenge and the way it seems to pass faster and faster!


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