Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This month "By Invitation Only" is about a very special topic, inspiration... I will refer inspiration to its latin derivative, instinctus.

My life is drawn from inspiration, I operate from instinct. Inspiration is about love, love of life, beauty, the planet and its people. Books are my world, a single phrase can inspire an entire furniture collection. Paul Theraux, one of my favorite author is the reason being my constant quest for adventure. The mountains are the source of my inner strength, motivating me to go further, higher, pushing myself to newer limits.

I embrace the cultures of this world and thrive when  immersed in foreign territories and customs. The small gestures and moments spent with welcoming people is the inspiration to lead a true loving life. I have shared huts with women who had nothing to give but their kindness and their smile, their singing and dancing, the true inspiration for a life led in truth and joy.

Is there any more powerful expression of inspiration than art? I once drove 12 hours with my young sons to sit and absorb the works of Tapies, a brilliant artist whose work has touched me deeply. It left in me a deep sensibility for his love of dark colors, broad strokes and expressions, which is often reflected in my design work.

Nature is my sanctuary, my refuge, my inspiration. I derive my strength, my wisdom from nature, my deep love for our physical world and its wildlife. An inspired life is to open your eyes, your heart without preconception, looking at the small details of life as well as the powerful lessons learned from the true great men and women.

A Bientot,



  1. Dear Francine,
    This was beautifully written.
    You are truly a romantic and adventurist.
    Love the photo with the image in his eye.

  2. I am the one who is inspired today, reading the various posts of my fellow members of "By Invitation Only." What fortunate people we are, Francine, to know each other if only virtually.
    Your deeply considered values and your quest to learn and expand your horizons make you one of the most unique women around. Only a brilliant woman can see beyond herself and fill her heart with love of the simple things. Thank you for joining our membership, and for taking the time to post this evocative piece.

  3. You are truly inspired Francine and a woman who knows how to live life. Your quest for beauty and adventure... your ability to love the simple but produce the most sophisticated is a great testament to you...
    It was a joy to read this... xv

  4. What beautiful, inspiring words Francine and never truer ones spoken ..... to me, it is the little things and the people who have little or who are battling everyday with challenges beyond our comprehension that are the ones that inspire me. XXXX

  5. Francine, this made my heart swell and brought tears to my eyes. I felt as if you were speaking not only to me but for me in words that I could not have found. So incredibly beautiful. I with you on point by point (I think that you know that we have all of this in common), it is a way of living. And how amazing that you transfer this wonder for the world into solid objects that in turn enhance and inspire. I love that.

    I am so glad that at the end of your long day, you sat down to write this out. I will come back to it on days when I need a boost myself. Merci, Francine.

  6. Beautiful! Sounds like you have lived and continue to live a wonderful life full of fulfilling a spiritual quest. How amazing to share it with your sons too!

    May you continue to enjoy and live a life full of great adventure, meaningful friendships, and a spiritual purpose.

  7. Beautiful Francine...I love your reference to the women who you shared huts with and had nothing to give but their kindness and smile...these women inspire, don't they?
    Thank you so much for popping by and your lovely comment.
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. Francine, so beautifully written, I am also so inspired by nature, each and every day, but you have just inspired me to travel more and see more of this amazing planet. xxx Coty

  9. Simply very thoughtful with the most beautiful and stunning image, the reflection in these eyes....the expression in the face...
    Who cannot be inspired by your post, Francine! I certainly am!
    Warmest greetings from the Périgord,

  10. By Invitation Only certainly picked a wonderful theme and you so beautifully illustrated it with words and pictures.

  11. You expressed my feelings so beautifully! Thankyou! Cynthia

  12. Powerful words from a woman with such repose.
    Beautiful Francine!

  13. Beautiful, strong words.........you are a person after my own heart Francine!



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