Sunday, January 13, 2013

In need of a little exotic...

Shopping for antiques in Penang, Malaysia

As I am looking out my windows, a grey sky, naked trees, brownish lawn are a damper to my mood. I need to escape...that is my sanity...I escape in books, movies, travel, dreams... I need a little exotic in my life.

Which bed to wake up in ...

image from AD France#100

image from Exotic Style by Sara Bliss Rockport publishing

image via Pinterest

Sarah Bruce home in Elle Decors

image via Pinterest

image via Elle Decor


image via Elle Decor

image via Elle Decor

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

Morocan Lounge at Langkawi Four Seasons...truly a beautiful hotel

Our private bedroom lounge at the Baray Villa in Phuket, Thailand

A Moroccan inspired lounge I designed for a client.

A relaxing swim...

Private pool at the Baray Villa , Phuket, Thailand

Relaxing from such an exhausting day... indeed I found a fabulous collection of antique baskets on a very top shelf of a tiny store, covered in years of dust.

A Bientôt,


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  1. Francine,

    It looks amazing! All that color and texture is so beautiful. Wishing you warm sunny days ahead.


  2. Francine-
    These images are stunningly beautiful. I lvoe all of the color. These rooms should do the trick.
    Happy Sunday.

  3. Ah, this both made my day and made me travelling very much. I know you will understand.

  4. Magical if we could change for a while. On my little island it is hot, hotter, hottest and my desire is some snow. Would it be an offer? But it will help you when you find sunshine in your books, music, perhaps an exotic drink and pictures from your wonderful holiday you have spent already. The next summer is for sure. Cheer up.

  5. Hi beautiful! A little exotic now and then is a great thing. Malaysia never been, closest is to Japan:) I love all the color and the vibe.....stunning!

  6. Yup. Exotic sums you up! Love your sense of adventure. That private pool is breathtaking. I woke up to a blanket of white fluffy snow. xo

    1. Love your exotic Francine... Have a wonderful weekend... xv

  7. EVERYTHING is everything I love!!! merci Francine, GREAT post. What dreams are made of...

  8. at first i was going to write that the 2nd image was my fave....
    i couldn't imagine the images getting any better but they did.
    i would love to spend time in each image!!

    it is freezing up here


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