Friday, June 15, 2012

Glam side of interieurs

I was really in a mood for a little touch of Glam. This is our latest window display at Interieurs, featuring the fabulous hand blown glass chandelier Tanzania, our latest upholstered collection, Juliette, and gold leaf tables.

Would love to hear your thoughts on my  take on glam...

Picture: Jeff Cate, location Interieurs Showroom 228 E 58th, New York City

I just flew back from Ireland and am totally in love by this beautiful country and friendliest people

A Bientot,



  1. This is beautifully clean & sleek and so elegant. Love everything about the vignette. I am so far away from clutter on tabletops...want the space to breath...and the guests to make the room sparkle. So, I love it. Show us some photos of Ireland and you. xx's

  2. I love the lighting in that image. Sounds like you had a lovely trip..can we see pictures?

  3. Dear Francine,
    I think that your take on GLAM is beautiful and terribly chic. GLAM can be difficult to achieve without it looking 'naff' ( an English expression !!)....but, you've achieved it beautifully !
    Sorry for my absence lately ..... my computer finally gave up and I'm getting to grips with my new MacBook Pro !!
    Have a glam weekend Francine !! It's great to hear that you had a fabulous time in Ireland. A beautiful country with lovely, kind and hospitable people. XXXX

  4. Glam and tranquil... love the light fixtures too!

  5. This is rally elegant for an elegant lady like you Francine. I would definitely recommend this to my sister who is about to buy a new house in Colorado. She'll definitely love this.


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