Sunday, August 22, 2010

Langkawi, a jewel in the Andaman seas

I am constantly reading about new hotels, resorts, spas.... I have a great love for Asia and we have a family tradition of celebrating New Years Eve In Bangkok, watching the spectacular fireworks on the river. I fell upon an article on a new Four Seasons hotel just about to open in Langkawi, Malaysia. I was intrigued as I had in mind to visit Malaysia and especially to hike in the oldest rainforest in the world. Being very impulsive, I picked up the phone, called the Four Seasons Langkawi directly and booked a week for my family and I. They had just opened and had great introductory rates..... then booked malaysian airlines, all I had left to do was to organize the logistics of traveling throughout Malaysia.

Langkawi island is an enchanting archipelago of 104 islands in the NorthWest coast of Malaysia where the Straits of Malaca meets the Andaman Seas. The island is densely populated with tropical rainforest covered peaks, jungle clad hills, surrounded by stunning turquoise seas, powder fine sands and swaying coconut trees

I love monkeys and always have camera ready, this little guy saw us, swam to the boat, proceeded to climb, take our water bottle and started to drink...

red hawk-eagles in flight

It took seven years to build the resort and its spectacular pools and stone walls. The inspiration for the resort is one of my favorite spanish architectural marvel, the Alhambra Palace. The resort blends with its natural surroundings, with exotic woods, stone, neutral earth tones. The design team, Bill Bensley, Jeffrey Wilkes, Lek Bunnag, have captured the essence of a traditional Malay village setting with its pavillions, influenced by Asian, Indian and arabic architecture.

Reflecting pool

Details:Asia meets Morroco

The Morrocan bar

Life is tough for these two teenagers...

Parent's room

kids's room 

Marrakech meets Bali bathroom

My favorite spot. Up at 3AM (jetlag) i would read in the outdoor bath, then go for a run and impatiently wait for the Breakfast buffet to be ready

Main pool for adults and kids

The lap pool with its private cabana.I would swim my laps every morning and enjoy the peaceful view. no kids allowed....

Ready to go sailing...

I also need to mention, this magical week was not pure play, I did work extremely hard at my inspiration for our spring textile and furniture collection...


  1. WOW. What a knockout post. Completely took me away. Incredible setting. Thanks.

  2. I love living vicariously through your adventures Francine! What a stunning resort, I'm excited to see what you've come up with for your spring collections!

  3. Oh My God, I just saw your extraordinary blog and love it, but what it makes me write to you is that you post EXACTLY the same kind of shells that my daughter found last week in Sarasota Fl. SAME TASTE!!!!


  4. Francine I am in awe, a dream come true. The images are all breathtaking!

    Art by Karena

  5. A truly stunning resort, I'm sure you found it completely inspiring!

    Thanks for the "petite vacance"!


  6. Amazing - especially the blue-green water and that reflecting pool with a "hole" in it. Can't wait to see what all this inspiration produces!

  7. An absolutely amazing place. So much beauty in one place.

  8. My mouth is still open, What a fantastic place.
    I heard you can get great silks there. That is a trip you will not soon forget. Glad you are
    home safe and sound. yvonne

  9. Bonsoir Francine,

    Absolutely stunning place! Un jour, Peut-être!


  10. this place has taken my breath away.
    it is amazing.

    ....and i thought the red hawks were flying monkeys. hahahah


  11. I'm seething with unflattering jealousy! Just amazing.

  12. You took my breath away . What a fabulous place. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us , you made my day

  13. I wish I could spend my Holidays there, the Resort looks so well designed and fully in tune with the extraordinary scenery. Lucky girl!

  14. HI Francine
    What an wonderful holiday... the resort is incredible.. and your photos fantastic... I was thinking of going to Fiji... but this has me wanting Langkawi...

    The monkeys are hilarious.. I had one steal my camera case when I was in Bali... a tug of way.. between the monkey and me.. i won the case.. he won the strap!!.

    Have a great week xxx Julie

  15. Love the post - wonderful images. Oh you are so blessed - the trip you have planned sounds absolutely fabulous. You have two handsome sons - sailors.

    Thanks for leaving a note on at my place. Rita

  16. I just became your 100th follower! Un..freaking...believable! I have to figure out how to see your textile and furniture collection! My whole day might be blown for finding this blog! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Wow what an amazing place! I die! :) XX Nicky

  18. All I can say is oh, wow! I was completely mesmerized until I scrolled down to the little monkeys, which sent me into laughter. What a place! I can see exactly why it intrigues you! Everything is just gorgeous -- from the views to the reflecting pool -- thank you for introducing this magical place to us!


  19. OMG, Francine, I am completely stricken with the beauty of this place. The bar area, the sea, the pools, the monkeys, everything. Perfection. Now if I can find some nice gentleman to take me away. xx's

  20. This post needs a second look.


  21. Those eagles in flight looks great.

  22. Awesome pictures.
    I am an Commercial & Residential designer based in Phoenix, Just came back from Indonesia and Malasya. SE Asia adds lots of flavor to my designs as well...

    Keep the good work.

    Robert Wells.

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