Sunday, January 17, 2010

HAITI Needs Your Urgent Help

I've been wildly busy over the last two weeks so my posting has suffered considerably but I did want to touch on the truly terrible human tragedy still unfolding in Haiti as a result of the earthquake there last week. I encourage all my readers who are able to make a donation to contribute as much as you can possibly manage to your preferred relief agency. There are many GREAT charities mobilizing to help Haiti. All of them need our help. Here's a link to Charity Navigator's list of relief organizations to help you make a difference.

I donated to Doctors Without Borders, a magnificent team of doctors and nurses who have selflessly committed themselves to helping others who have nothing.

My husband donated to another wonderful organization AmeriCares based in Stamford Connecticut.

BRAVO SANDRA BULLOCK !!!!! This is one GREAT Hollywood star who has donated ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Doctors Without Borders. Click the linked image below for the story at Huffington Post.


  1. Hi Francine
    Those poor suffering people in Haiti need all of our help, whatever we can give. There are many Canadian agencies that are accepting donations here:
    I support Doctors Without Border throughout the year as I so strongly believe in what they are doing around the world. Their hospitals in Haiti were hit hard in the earthquake, but they very quickly relocated and their efforts and everyone else's continue.
    Bravo for Ms Bullock!

  2. Wonderful Francine! You are such a sweet person! And so is Sandra Bullock!
    Here in Belgium we do the best we can!!!!!

  3. Thank you , Francine!
    Doctors Without Borders is one of my favorite organizations, and I am pleased to see yours as well!

  4. doctors without borders... hurrah!... and i did my part to the red cross.. i always knew i loved sandra bullock and her heart proves she is the real deal. x pam

  5. This is a most needed post. I and some friends have been collecting for Red cross.

  6. So great, I wish I had a million dollars to give! Thanks for keeping this front of mind!

  7. dear francine.. just read your mom is ill... i am so very sorry ... i will pray for her.. and you... x pam

  8. Francine- thank you for the great quick post raising awareness! I just learned about Charity Navigator (took the time to check out their site) and love it. Great way to identify new sources to give.

  9. What a great post, Francine! We must do all we can to help those in need.

    p.s I'm a huge fan of Sandra Bullock. She is so down to earth and true.


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